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Claim? Take Pictures!

Pictures can be worth a 1000 words – and digital pictures can quickly assist the adjuster in handling your claim as fast and efficiently as possible while  protecting your financial interests.    They are not required – they are a helpful tool.

 Here are some tips: 

 Be safe – don’t put yourself in danger or at risk to take photos.  

 If there is an  auto accident, 

*Take a series of photos leading up to the accident area,  as well as at  the exact location of the mishap. 

*Include traffic signals or signs.

*Include a close up of wet or slippery road surface and any obstructions  such as trees or parked vehicles that came into play. 

*Take photos of the damage to all vehicles and/or other property damaged in the accident.

*Take photos of existing damage to the other vehicles or property involved if it is near the newly damaged area to avoid potentially paying for existing damage to be repaired.

 For home or building damages:

 *Take photos of the general area of the damage and close ups of damaged property.   For example, if the ceiling has water damage, take one photo of the room, then  close ups of the damaged area(s). 

 If the incident is an injury:

* Take photos of the location where the incident occurred and the area leading up to it.

* Include pictures of things like cracked pavement, a protruding nail,  or snow/ice covered step or sidewalk involved.  

 In all cases, email the photos to your claims adjuster soon after your initial conversation  with them.

 If you have any questions or need assistance with your claim, contact  your agent or claims adjuster.